Set static monitor backgrounds

Have multiple monitors and would like to have the background be static and not change? With Windows 10, you can easily set the monitor background image to a picture of your choosing. It is not labeled, and it is as simple as a right-click.

Steps 1 & 2

Click on the Start menu. Then click on the Settings icon; it looks like a gear.

Steps one and two slect the Window start, then select settings.

Step 1

From the list of pictures, right click on the image you would like to use for the background.

Add pictures to the list

If the picture you would like to use is not there, you can add it to the list by clicking Browse, locate the folder your images are in and select the photo you would like to add. You can then select it from the list.

Right click on the graphic image to select individual background images.

Step 2

Left click on Set for the monitor of your choice to set the image. Repeat for each monitor.

Left click your selection to set image.