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The home page. Find information out about PCMD computer services offering professional computer repair, service, and support to the Central Coast.

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Tips & Advice

Main portal page for PCMDs computer tips, and advice. Need some help with your computer visit this page.

Computer basics

Computers are much easier to operate and use then they ever have been before. However, don't just plug it in and go, but then where do you start?

Computer security

Computer security basics is a good place to start for those new to computers and the Internet. We offer some tips on how to secure your computer and how to try and keep it secure. With common sense a computer can be secured without taking extreme measures. Take control of your computers data. Want to know more?

Data backup tips

Here you can find information on how to backup your data. This is a basic introduction to general backup. Protect your data before its too late. Data backup tips is an introduction to data storage, and the types of devices that can be used including the cloud.

The effects of dust & dirt

General Information about the negative effects of dust and dirt on personal computers and electronics. It doesn't take long for dust and dirt to ruin a computer; its easy to clean your own personal computer. Protect your investment by keeping it clean and free of dust buildup.

Reposition multiple monitors

Bought a second monitor and can't get you mouse to go across the middle of the screen. No worries there is a quick and easy fix for that.

Set static monitor backgrounds

Microsoft Windows 10 has hidden a personalization feature in plain sight that is an easy way to set static background images for single or multiple monitors.

Smart surfing

The Internet has a lot to offer and being smart while surfing can save a lot of headaches. What do we mean by smart surfing you ask? Visit this page to find out. Don't just surf the web willy nilly, one click is all it takes to fully infest a PC. We offer tips and advice on how to surf the Internet smarter and safer.

The cloud

What is the cloud? This is a very common question, and the answer is surprisingly simple. Learn more about the cloud here. The cloud is becoming a popular place to store data and precious memories, but is it right for you? Our article the cloud may help you answer that question.

The Quick Link Menu

Microsoft knows users need a way to quickly access system settings, so they added the Quick Link Menu. We show you how to access it. The Quick Link Menu allows for easy access to Windows settings. To quickly access the Quick Link Menu press and hold the Windows logo key + x then release.

Turn off Autoplay

A quick and easy security measure is to turn off Windows Autoplay. PCMD offers a simple to follow walk through. PCMD recommends you turn off AutoPlay. Turning off AutoPlay can help prevent issues; for some it can create major problems. Read our how to and decide what's right for you.

Using old versions of Windows

PCMD does not recommend using older Microsoft operating systems. In general over the years operating systems have improved in many ways including speed, reliability and security. Read this post if you would like to read our thoughts on the subject. Is using older versions of Windows a good idea or not? PCMD recommends running the latest operating systems, but do you need too?

What is e-waste?

Electronic waste or e-waste is pretty much everything that runs on batteries, or has a power cord. Do your part; don't throw electronics in the trash.

Why use Windows Update

Get more information on the importance of keeping Windows operating systems up to date. PCMD recommends all users of Windows operating systems use Windows Update. The benefits out weigh the risks most of the time.

Windows power plans

Power management is often over looked, and there are a few settings that should be set depending on the type of device. PCMD walks you through how to set it to high performance. When Windows Balanced (recommended) just won't do. Turn to Windows power options high performance battery plan. However, please note that your PC won't be any faster.

Windows text size

A simple yet easily forgotten but very useful setting is to know where to set your DPI (dots per inch). This controls the size of fonts on the screen system wide.

Windows Virus Help

Tips on how to keep viruses off your computer and what to do if you get one. Computers don't get sick, but they sure can get infected with malware & viruses. If you think your PC is infected read Windows virus help and cure your PC.

Wireless basics

A quick tutorial on basic wireless security settings. Secure your wireless network, there is no good reason not too. People are out to steal anything they can, and an unsecured wireless network makes an easy target. It is not hard to secure your own wireless network.

Our service area

PCMD is a fully mobile business, meaning we come to you.

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PCMD computer services

PCMD is your local computer specialist offering professional computer services for your home, and business